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Light the fire within

You’re important. Have the courage and curiosity to discover who you are. Have the courage and resolution to be who you are. Embrace the things that make you distinctive. Stand up and stand tall. As you step into the new and away from the old, hold true to this conviction: tomorrow is even better!

Why we are here:

We aspire to inspire greatness. We transform the lives of people so they are able to be more, give more, and have more. The young adults of today are more inspired, passionate, and determined than any other generation before them, but they face immense challenges. They work hard to make a difference, but often times feel empty inside. We are here to help these courageous people ignite the fire within them, conquer adversity, and pave the road to the life that they desire to live.


Kykeon Coaching was created for the young adult who is tired of “grinding” and endless meaningless doing. Data and tips can be found everywhere on the internet and this is not more of the same.

This is designed for the person that wishes to understand their power in the world and achieve the level of success in all areas of their life that they desire. 

We aspire to provide your with material that inspires deep thought and proactive change.

Through Kykeon Coaching, you will unleash what you are truly capable of. You will walk away with life changing insights, actions, and confidence to create the life that you desire to live!


Get unstuck, unstressed, and understand yourself with an assessment designed by the top psychologists in the world. Whether you are looking for deep insight into which career fields suit you best based on your personality, or how you can better manage your relationships through your emotional intelligence, you will be blown away with the results an assessment gives you. 

Not only will you have your results immediately sent to you, but each assessment provides customized actions and plans you can take to make the changes you are searching for!

Assessments we offer:

  • Behavioral Style
  • Communication Style
  • Career Optimization
  • Driving Forces
  • Emotional Intelligence


We have all received training throughout our life. Whether it was from our life circumstances, our schools, our caretakers or any combination of the previously mentioned. Often times, these trainings leave out some key skills that help us on our journey.

Kykeon aspires to provide high impact trainings that create real results for young adults. Kykeon trainings provide insight, real action, and help from coaches to ensure you implement to skills you have learned!

Trainings we developed:

  • Personal Branding
  • Persuasive Presentations/ Public Speaking
  • Strategic Life Planning
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Navigating Company Culture
  • Time Mastery


In all of human history there has never been a better time to be alive. Advancement in science and technology has put at our very finger tips everything that we could ever imagine, every opportunity that we could ever hope for. Young people today are more educated, are passionate, and empathetic that they have been in all other decades combined.

Young adults will soon represent over 40% of the workforce, are they ready? Are you ready? In Greg’s interactive and high energy keynote talks, he walks the audience through simple techniques to unleash their full potential, find courage, and achieve the life they have always dreamed of.

Available for conferences, small group facilitation, and virtual presentations with young adult audiences or the organizations and companies that employ them.

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